Why RemoteISP

  • We are all Technicians, we are local, licensed and our dealers manage their own area .
  • RemoteISP holds a Carriers License - building our own network from the ground up , https://www.acma.gov.au/ and search Licensed Carriers.
  • NBN Alternative, We have our own servers in Sydney and carrier grade fibre to our towers.
  • We'd like to provide a 99% uptime guarantee. We already do for our Business plans.
  • We use low wattage radios and low power.
  • We mostly use Solar and Wind Power on our towers and have a large autonomy.
  • Late 2019 unlimited data(unlimited data already done, March 2019), faster speeds with no price increase Max 2021.
  • Infrastructure every 10-15klms to get more access at faster speeds
  • We design, engineer and install our own towers, we even custom build towers to get to our customers.
  • Our Service is 100% secure, test other wisp's by plugging in a POE injector and run an IP scan, If you see other users they can steal your information. Call for info!
  • We designed our customer network to run at 300Mbs and is always unshaped.
  • Custom plans available (speeds, download and uploads) Email for information.
  • We want you to call us to offer your hills or high locations and we will build to you. Half price internet applies.
  • We will connect 100% of the homes in our area that need our service. Even if its a non standard job for one customer that needs it own solar on a hill.
  • We are a self funded network that is committed to our customers, we DO NOT do anything NBN.
  • We will fix service fault's ASAP as we are local we are never far away.
  • $30+ Home phone option (phone only, data not included). Coming Late 2019
  • On the day of installation if for some reason you're service can not be installed you will not be charged.
  • Our data is NOT Peak or Off Peak, you can use it constantly.
  • We have gone for Grants and will accept community contributions to decrease our monthly pricing, as the tower build pricing is high.

All-In Accountability

This is our business.
We are not bystanders. If something isn't right, we'll fix it.
We speak our minds to make things better and we are accountable for our actions and outcomes. We believe our customers are the most important part of our business and strive to provide a reliable, quality service direct to your home.

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